December 28, 2012 – More ridiculous blasts from the past


I’m continuing to digitize my old cassettes. Today’s was a doozy.

Remember all those hours you spent as a child, playing in your room alone? Just making up stories, playing with your toys (or your cat or dog), maybe singing songs or making up songs? In other words, all that STUFF that kids used to do when they had nothing to do, before the internet existed. Do you ever wish you could be a fly on the wall of your childhood, and listen in to what went on? Well, I don’t have to wonder anymore about what I got up to, because the tape I digitized today is a recording of exactly that kind of stuff. It’s a series of recordings actually, seemingly over a period of time, made whenever I felt like playing with my tape recorder. There’s a truly random assortment of bits and pieces on the tape. It begins with me announcing the “six o’ clock news”. Then I read a report about people who escaped Nazi Germany (don’t know where I got that from – it sounds like something I was reading for school perhaps). The report stops abruptly where I taped over myself, this time singing a Hebrew song. Then my mom sings “Three Blind Mice”. I play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on the recorder. Then there’s more Hebrew singing. Listening, I realize that it’s not actually a Hebrew song – I was singing the questions from a homework assignment, along to a particular tune. It’s quite amusing if you understand the words! Then I sing a poem that I wrote about water pollution to the same tune (“Help us we are choking, we’re choking to death / Please don’t let us take our last breath / We’re only fish, we can’t do a lot / Please don’t let the water and all the fish rot” – and so on). After that I read a story in the style of a film strip – remember those? – complete with a blast from my recorder every time you are supposed to advance to the next frame of the filmstrip. I’m not sure if I was making the story up or not – it sounds quite ridiculous. And on it goes. There’s even a part where I try to get my cat Mushy to meow, so I can record her (she does meow, finally – although she sounds quite wretched; I hope I didn’t do anything to poor Mushy to make her meow! (That’s her photo above by the way – she died in 1989 – I never thought I’d hear her meow again)).

Anyway, below is a snippet with some highlights culled from the cassette. It ends with “Strawberry Fields Forever” (probably recorded from the radio) – which I’ve left on for the last 2 minutes of the clip, so if you feel like listening to a very bad recording of the Beatles, listen on to the end!

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