Seven Years and Nine Months

From Ireland’s RTE Radio, here’s a new documentary about an Irish couple, Rachel and Daniel, who struggled with infertility for years before finally having a baby via a surrogate in Boston. It’s an honest look at what brought this couple to surrogacy, and an absorbing record of the twists and turns on their road to finally having a baby.

Seven Years and Nine Months

I’m proud to have played a small part in this project: I conducted the interviews with Rachel and Daniel, as well as with their surrogate, Carolyn, when they came to Boston in 2014 for their baby’s ultrasound, and I also interviewed them when they came back for the birth. Surrogacy is a complicated process – legally, emotionally and medically – and I think that Rachel and Daniel’s story helps give a human face to an issue that is too often over-simplified and poorly explained. Well done to RTE, and to producers Mary Elaine Tynan and Nicoline Greer.

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