Book and Author Features

A small selection of interviews and pieces I’ve produced on writers and writing.

Remembering Scottish Gaelic Poet and Publisher Derick Thomson
Scottish poet Derick Thomson was one of the foremost Gaelic poets of his day. He also had a huge influence on Gaelic language and literature through “Gairm,” the Quarterly literary journal he co-founded in 1951. Carol Zall remembers him.
March 28, 2012, PRI’s The World

Nadeem Aslam
Carol Zall profiles Pakistani-British writer Nadeem Aslam, who moved with his family to England when he was fourteen. At the time he spoke no English, but he has since written three novels in his adopted tongue.
November 15, 2010, PRI’s The World.

Best-Selling Writer William Boyd Accepts Bond Mission
In recent years, Ian Fleming’s estate has commissioned new 007 novels, first by Sebastian Faulks in 2008 and then by Jeffrey Deaver in 2011. The latest writer to get the Bond assignment is best-selling British author, William Boyd. Carol Zall has the story.
April 12, 2012, PRI’s The World

A Conversation with Israeli Author Amos Oz
Born in 1939, Amos Oz is one of Israel’s best known writers. Much celebrated as a novelist, he’s published many works of both fiction and non-fiction. Oz’s newest book is “Scenes from Village Life,” a novel comprised of related stories. Amos Oz spoke with Marco Werman in The World’s Boston studio.
Produced by Carol Zall and broadcast on PRI’s The World on November 9, 2011

Writing the Arab World: Reading to Help Understand the Arab Spring
Marco Werman talks to John Freeman, editor of British literary magazine Granta, for suggestions on writing from the Arab world to help us understand what’s happening there.
Produced by Carol Zall and broadcast on PRI’s The World on February 17, 2012

The Larsson inheritance
Swedish crime writer Stieg Larsson died before his “Millennium” trilogy – which featured “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” – became a worldwide publishing phenomenon. His books went on to earn millions of fans, and millions of dollars – a fortune disputed by Larsson’s partner, Eva Gabrielsson, and Larsson’s father and brother, who inherited Larsson’s money. Carol Zall reports on the latest chapter in the saga.
November 9, 2009, PRI’s The World

Claire Messud’s Road to Beirut
Novelist Claire Messud talks with Marco Werman about a trip she took to Beirut in 2010. Messud’s father had spent some of his childhood there and was now very ill; the writer says that she hoped to “bring something back for my father from Beirut, even if it was an intangible something.”
Produced by Carol Zall and broadcast on PRI’s The World on February 15, 2012.

Holiday Reading Recommendations 2011
Carol Zall and Marco Werman discuss great book choices for the holiday season, suggested by editors and writers from around the world.
December 15, 2011, PRI’s The World

Carol Zall’s Kids’s Reading Picks for the Holidays – 2011
Carol Zall chooses top international children’s books for the holidays.
December 16, 2011, PRI’s The World

‘Bookseller of Kabul’ author to pay damages
A court in Norway has ordered Norwegian journalist Asne Seierstad to pay damages of about $40,000 to a member of an Afghan family she wrote about in her 2003 book “The Bookseller of Kabul.” The World’s Carol Zall reports.
July 30, 2010, PRI’s The World

Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life in Mumbai’s Annawadi Slum
Marco Werman talks with Katherine Boo, author of “Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity”.
Produced by Carol Zall and broadcast on PRI’s The World on February 10, 2012

‘The Eejits’: New Scots Translation of Roald Dahl’s ‘Twits’
Most people outside of Scotland are unfamiliar with the language known as “Scots” – but if you’ve ever heard of “Auld Lang Syne,” then you’ve heard some of the language. Carol Zall reports on a new Scots translation of the classic Roald Dahl story, “The Twits”.
December 28, 2006, PRI’s The World

Sugar In The Blood: Andrea Stuart’s Barbadian Legacy
Marco Werman talks with author Andrea Stuart, who moved to England from Barbados when she was a teenager, about her complicated family history. Stuart is descended from British settlers who went to Barbados in the 17th century, and from the slaves who worked on their sugar plantations.
Produced by Carol Zall and broadcast on PRI’s The World on June 6, 2012

Walking the Broomway
Marco Werman talks with British writer Robert Macfarlane about his Granta Magazine article on walking the “Broomway,” an ancient path off the east coast of England. The route, which starts at Great Wakering and ends at Foulness, Essex, is only walkable when the tide is out. Macfarlane describes the walk as “the eeriest, the unearthliest and the most memorable” he’s ever taken.
Produced by Carol Zall and broadcast on PRI’s The World on May 31, 2012

Revolution 2.0: Wael Ghonim and the Egyptian Uprising
Marco Werman talks with Wael Ghonim, the Google executive who helped kick start the Egyptian revolution.
Produced by Carol Zall and broadcast on PRI’s The World on January 18, 2012

Yiyun Li
Marco Werman talks with Chinese born Writer Yiyun Li about her improbable journey from China to the United States, where she is now an acclaimed fiction writer.
Produced by Carol Zall and broadcast on PRI’s The World on 9 September 2010

Children’s Holiday Book Picks 2010
From pop-up vikings to angry Japanese bunnies, Carol Zall talks with host Lisa Mullins about holiday reading suggestions for kids from around the world.
December 17, 2010, PRI’s The World

Holiday Book Recommendations from Afar
Reading picks from bookstores in London, Jerusalem, Beijing and Brussels.
Produced by Carol Zall and broadcast on PRI’s The World on December 16, 2010

Kids Books for the Holidays – 2009
Carol Zall shares recommendations for kids’ books from around the world, ranging from Australian Shaun Tan’s weird and wonderful “Tales from Outer Suburbia” to German author Sebastian Meschenmoser’s beautifully drawn animals who are “Waiting for Winter”.
December 15, 2009, PRI’s The World.

‘Tunnels’: The Next Harry Potter?
Since British author J.K. Rowling published the final book in the Harry Potter series, the search has been on for a new book to fill the void. Carol Zall meets the authors of “Tunnels,” another British children’s book that’s already being compared to Harry Potter.
February 21, 2008, PRI’s The World

Azar Nafisi – Things I’ve Been Silent About
Anchor Marco Werman talks with author Azar Nafisi about her new memoir about growing up in Iran, ‘Things I’ve been silent about’.
January 28, 2009, PRI’s The World.

Ballads of the Book
Carol Zall reports on a Scottish project that set out to pair lyrics from well known novelists and poets with music by folk and pop bands. The project resulted in a CD collection called “Ballads of the Book.”
October 1, 2007, PRI’s The World

The Girl from Foreign
Marco Werman talks with Sadia Shepard about her memoir, ‘The Girl from Foreign,’ which recounts her travels to India to uncover her Jewish roots there.
Produced by Carol Zall and broadcast on PRI’s The World on August 15, 2008.

9/11 Literature
Anchor Lisa Mullins talks with John Freeman, editor of British literary magazine Granta, about how September 11, 2001 affected literature in the U.S. and beyond.
Produced by Carol Zall and broadcast on PRI’s The World on August 19, 2011

Salman Rushdie’s “The Enchantress of Florence”
Salman Rushdie talks with anchor Lisa Mullins and The World’s book critic, Christopher Merrill, about Rushdie’s new novel, “The Enchantress of Florence”.
Produced by Carol Zall and broadcast on PRI’s The World on July 15, 2008

A Comrade Lost and Found
In the early 1970s, Candian Jan Wong was one of only two Western exchange students at China’s Beijing University. When a Chinese student asked her about going to the U.S., Wong, who supported Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution, reported the woman to her teacher. Jan Wong talks with Lisa Mullins about how she returned to China years later to trace her former classmate and learn her fate.
Produced by Carol Zall and broadcast on PRI’s The World on February 26, 2009


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