My written work has appeared in magazines and newspapers in the U.S., the U.K., Ireland and Canada, as well as on websites such as and WBUR’s CommonHealth Blog. Here’s a random smattering.

Can Geometry Help Fix Our Democracy?
A group of Boston-based mathematicians use their math superpowers to fight gerrymandering
WBUR’s Commonhealth Blog

Across the U.S. and Back Again In Six Days
On rediscovering a country I’ve never seen
The Scotsman newspaper (originally published in Scottish Gaelic)

Pedal Power
Cold sores, foot massage and the nun with the walkman – A 420-mile walk in Ireland
In Dublin magazine

Sleepless In Milwaukee
Review of Kyoko Mori’s novel ‘Stone Field, True Arrow’
The Washington Post Book World

The Shore of the Heart
Paul Auster on walking the streets of Dublin
In Dublin magazine

Laugh? I Nearly Emigrated
‘Father Ted’ co-star Ardal O’ Hanlon on comedy in Ireland and the relative absorbency of sheep and cows
In Dublin magazine

Games People Play
The Lewis Chessmen Come Home
The West Highland Free Press

Donkey Who?
Novelist Kathy Acker on why she doesn’t care about the rules
In Dublin magazine

Gargoyle Lives!
A D.C. literary institution is revived
The City Paper (DC)

Holiday Reading Picks 2011
Great recommendations for international reading
Web feature for PRI’s The World

When ‘Home’ Isn’t Home
On moving back to the US after twelve years in Scotland
The Scotsman newspaper (originally published in Scottish Gaelic)

Yosef Abramowitz
Book chapter profiling activist and entrepreneur Yosef Abramowitz in Jewish Sages of Today: Profiles of Extraordinary People (2009)

In Dublin City Desk – We Ask The Questions
One of my first forays into print journalism – asking why there is so much sh*t on the pavements of Dublin
In Dublin magazine

Something’s Brewing
Lagers, doppelbocks and the brewmasters behind San Francisco’s beer revolution
The City magazine (San Francisco)

Princetonians at Oxford
American perspectives on studying at “the world’s greatest university”
The Princeton Alumni Weekly

A Chance to End the Suppression of Gaelic
Commentary on the future of Gaelic-medium education in Scotland
The Times Educational Supplement, Scotland

Musical Kismet
Princeton alum and part-time lawyer Cordaro Rodriguez makes it to the finals of NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent’
The Princeton Alumni Weekly

What’s in a Name?
A study on the link between DNA and surnames corroborates the oral tradition of Scotland’s MacLeods
The Princeton Alumni Weekly

An t-Albannach
Selected articles in Scottish Gaelic, published in The Scotsman newspaper

An Gàidheal Ùr
Selected columns in Scottish Gaelic, published in An Gàidheal Ùr


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